About Us

Alumaster was born thanks to a common passion: the interest in the aluminium sector, the material we have chosen for all our creations. One of the lightest materials in the world, durable, easy to work and functional. These are the qualities that make aluminium the key material for engineering of our time.

We have always strived to grow in this sector, seeking over time a constant innovation in our achievements.

Our main goal is constant innovation in our product offerings. Our philosophy is to focus on all the details of the project, starting from the quality of the raw materials, and focusing on the use of modern and reliable technology to translate it into the final form.

Nothing would be possible without the careful analysis of our engineering department. Here the visionary minds of our engineers are able to draw your idea in a concrete, modern and functional form, suitable to be realized, in accordance with the design drawings, by our artisans.

Whatever your need, we will be able to create a unique and tailored project for you. From paper to the final shape, each project is made to the highest quality standards and stands out for the accuracy of the finish.

Each project is for us a new opportunity to make the most of our experience.

How we work

Only certified aluminum alloys and premium quality materials are used.

Utilizing the most modern technology in construction and implementing a state-of-the-art health system are foundational elements.

We were the first in Europe to produce aluminum trusses with end plates obtained from low pressure technology. This technology is used in the most technological sector of the automotive industry and allows greater compactness and significant weight reductions at the same maximum load borne.

Only this philosophy leads us to deliver reliable and safe facilities.