Our philosophy

Alumaster is an Italian company that was founded thanks to a common passion: research and interest in aluminium, the material we have chosen for all our creations. The material that makes up all our products, which also looks at eco-sustainability as it is totally recyclable. One of the lightest materials in the world, durable, easy to work with and functional.  These are the qualities that make aluminium the key engineering material of our time.

Our goal is to constantly innovate in the design of our products and to pay attention to detail, which makes all the difference. Our philosophy is to search for perfection in every detail of the project, from the order to the final realization, starting from the quality of the raw material and relying on the most modern and reliable technologies to mould it into the final shape, some of them invented by us.

Nothing would be possible without the careful analysis of our engineering department. Here the visionary minds of our engineers are able to design your idea into a concrete, modern and functional form. Suitable to be realised, in accordance with the design drawings, by our craftsmen.

Whatever your need, we will be able to create a unique, customised project for you. From the paper to the final shape, each project is made according to the highest quality standards and is distinguished by the accuracy of the refinement.

Each project is a new opportunity for us to use our experience, to expand our knowledge.

How do we work

We only use top-quality materials and certified aluminium alloys.

Fundamental to this is the use of the latest construction technologies and advanced welding systems.

We were the first in Europe to produce aluminium trusses with end plates made from low-pressure technology, a technique used in the high-tech automotive sector, which allows greater compactness and significant weight reductions with the same maximum load bearing capacity.

Each product is subjected to careful quality control before being packaged and shipped.

Only this philosophy leads us to deliver reliable and safe structures.

In which areas

We have been able to distinguish ourselves as an Innovative Company in the area: initially in the production of trusses and structures for the world of entertainment, trade fairs and events, with Italian quality and design, and with our mind always projected into the future.

Thanks to this, we have also specialised in the naval, telecommunications and construction machinery sectors, producing structures for civil, sports and retail design.