You just need to select the sector, we provide the rest.

Setting up structures for a show, event or exhibition stand, the presentation of a new project or a simple solution, is now easier. Our passion leads us to help our clients in coming up with new and innovative projects. The combination of our team of engineers and technicians with our team of craftsmen will lead to successful, customized projects and set-ups.

How we operate: guided by

Modularity but also optimization in the installation of modules, from the management of your truss stock for your set-ups to the reduction of costs thanks to careful design and composition of structures. Alumaster is ready to evaluate your projects, offering solutions and possible technical alternatives, suggesting the best components to apply.

Our products for
all your

Not only applied technology, but also attention to detail and choice of materials: the Alumaster aluminum truss is technology complemented by careful sourcing of raw materials. Alumaster has designed and manufactured an innovative range of products to build systems capable of high loads and attractive design. All products are customizable in color. 

Production: Italian, handmade
and fast.

Choosing quality raw materials and custom projects made by our team, but that’s not all: all products are made in our Company, hand-welded and passed through quality control, to ensure they are perfect and functional. Then they are packaged and shipped by us. Custom structures can be certified upon request with dedicated structural calculation report.


100% Made in Italy structures that are a combination of all the structures offered in our catalog and elements specially made at the customer's request.

settore strutture tecnologiche

Technological Structures

TV studios, congress halls, suspension structures, special structures. With your ideas and our experience we can achieve perfect results.

and fairs

Structures and trusses for entertainment, events and trade shows. Alumaster offers a catalog with 12 lines of standard aluminum trusses suitable for any need.