Heavy Duty Square Truss 40 cm.

The H40Q square truss, 40 cm side is produced exclusively in the twist-resistant version and with an aluminium profile that is thicker than the S40Q. A good behavior under the application of more important concentrated and distributed load is granted also for longer spans. The resistance to twisting is improved thanks to the new diagonal tubes design.

Compatible with the S40Q, this truss finds its most popular application on ground supports and elevation systems or supports roofing systems for stages. It allows to cover staging areas of important dimensions applying distributed loads and keeping a good structural behavior.

Technical features

Serie strutturaH40Q
Lega alluminioEN AW 6082 T6
Tubi principali50x3 mm
Diagonali20x2 mm
Piastra terminaleFusione in bassa pressione in lega di alluminio G.Al.Si 7 mg