Mini Ladder Truss 20 cm.

The S20 series is used for the furnishing of internal spaces creating auxiliary structures for shops, museums, shopping centers and public places.It guarantees an excellent aesthetic impact and a load capacity that is suitable for different environments using the latest technologies, such as video projectors, ultra slim displays, light and audio equipments. Loading capacity is ensured by the use of Alutek die-cast end plates.

The S20F ladder truss completes and supports the square series. It can be used for creating aid structures and decorative shapes for protection screens or installed as single spans or grid inside S20Q structures.

Designed for compact installations with an high aesthetic effect, it is able to satisfy at best the loading performance required.

The S20 series is produced with 35 mm diameter main tubes.

Technical features

Serie strutturaS20F
Lega alluminioEN AW 6060 T5
Tubi principali35x1,5 mm
Diagonali10x1 mm
Piastra terminaleFusione in lega di alluminio G.Al.Si 5 mg