Qbox and Corners

QBox is the connection module for building all corners 90° from 2 to 6 ways up. It covers the whole range of quad and ladder trusses and makes the optimization of the components and the modularity of the truss equipment possible, avoiding to buy and stock the standard corners.

Eight nodules compose the cube; these topic elements are produced on lathe from a single aluminium piece; strong threaded steel bushes allow to screw and adjust the connection spigots.
Qbox does not need any tool for correctly positioning the half connection spigot, thanks to a steel sphere on the base of the half spigot and to its related hole in the cubic nodule.
The nodules are connected by means of a custom extruded profile, especially made from a Alumaster project, that makes product very light and strong.
QBox is the right solution for temporary installation and for coupling support girder to the mother rig, allowing an easy management of area where modularity and widespread of hanging points are required.