Arc Roof HLR5240

Application areas

Arc roof system realized with High Load HLR5240 truss

The HLR5240 arched structure shares the same characteristics as the H40Q structure and guarantees the same modularity with the ability to adapt to various dimensions. Arched structures are perfect for a wide range of live events, such as concerts, festivals, TV productions, and much more. The HLR5240 covered structure uses arches from the High Load series with excellent load capacity and guarantees great stability thanks to the SM08 tower. They are available in various sizes with PVC coverings in different colors to perfectly suit the needs of your event.

Technical features

Copertura serie - roof system seriesARR5240
Traliccio principale copertura - Roof system main trussHLR5240
Sistema di torre - Tower systemSM08
Altezza massima - Max height8,0 m
Copertura - RoofMisura palco - Stage dimensionsABC
ARR40-100812x10 m13,70 m 9,70 m 15,20 m
ARR40-121014x10 m15,70 m 9,70 m 17,20 m