Double Pitch Roof

Application areas

DPR40 Double-pitch roof system

The double-pitch roof system is a widely used structure in the live events industry. It features a medium-level ground support system for stages up to 12×10 meters and a double-sloped support structure for the roof system.
This roofing system is designed to withstand medium-level loads, ensuring maximum reliability and safety.

Technical features

Copertura serie - roof system seriesDPR40
Traliccio principale copertura - Roof system main trussS40Q
Sistema di torre - Tower systemSM06
Altezza massima - Max height8,0 m
Copertura - RoofMisura palco - Stage dimensionsABC
DPR40-100810x8 m11,90 m 8,90 m 12,50 m
DPR40-121012x10 m13,90 m 10,90 m 14,50 m