Ground support with pitch roof system

Application areas

HLR10052 Ground support with Pitch Roof system

The Alumaster Pitch Roof system is the ideal solution for events that require large width, height, and resistance to high loads. This large-sized ground support structure features a modular roofing system that allows you to adapt the structure according to your event’s specific needs.
Furthermore, the Pitch Roof structure can be equipped with side wings to support audio systems or LED walls. With the addition of other lifting towers, it can also increase the structure’s load-bearing capacity. It comes with lifting towers, but the structure can also be installed on multidirectional walls, ensuring maximum versatility and adaptability to different situations.

Technical features

Copertura serie - roof system seriesDRR10052
Traliccio principale copertura - Roof system main trussHLR10052
Sistema di torre - Tower systemSM08
Altezza massima - Max height12 m
Copertura - RoofMisura palco - Stage dimensionsABC
PRR10052-121012x10 m12,80 m10,40 m26,5 m
PRR10052-141214x12 m14,80 m12,40 m28,5 m
PRR10052-161416x14 m 16,80 m14,40 m30,5 m