Single-pitch Roof

Application areas

FLR40 Single-pitch roof system

The Flat Roof system is essential for many types of events. Thanks to its single-pitch roof and S40Q truss, it is ideal for small and medium-sized events with limited loads. It is a simple structure, consisting of a sloping ring anchored to SM06 lifting towers.

In summary, the Flat Roof structure represents a versatile and reliable solution for providing coverage for outdoor events.

Technical features

Copertura serie - roof system seriesFLR40
Traliccio principale copertura - Roof system main trussS40Q
Sistema di torre - Tower systemSM06
Altezza massima - Max height7,0 m
Copertura - RoofMisura palco - Stage dimensionsABC
FLR40-100810x8 m10,90 m9,10 m12,40 m
FLR40-121012x10 m12,90 m11,20 m14,40 m