Standard Square Truss 29 cm.

The 29 cm square truss is the most popular and worldwide best known truss series in the exhibition and entertainment field. Versatile and worldwide available, well supported by a wide range of modular fittings and corners, the S29Q truss is the best solution for refreshing, enlarging or completing your truss stock.

It is suitable also for fixed and custom installations. The S29Q series is produced with low pressure die-cast Alutek end plates.

Easy connection is ensured by fast connectors kits or alternatively bolt sets.

Technical features

Serie strutturaS29Q
Lega alluminioEN AW 6082 T6
Tubi principali50x2 mm
Diagonali20x2 mm
Piastra terminaleFusione in bassa pressione in lega di alluminio G.Al.Si 7 mg