Application areas

Lifting Tower with steel base and aluminium truss column mod. H29Q

The SM06 tower is the ideal choice for medium-sized applications such as live concerts and medium events. This tower is characterized by a steel base that makes it suitable for creating small and medium ground supports, capable of supporting medium-level loads and coverings up to 12-14 meters.
The column truss of the SM06 tower is made with Heavy Duty H29Q and ensures greater safety and stability. The tower’s sleeve block can accommodate aluminium trusses from the 29 and 40 series, as well as the optional HRL5240 trusses.

Technical features

Sistema di Torre - Tower SystemSM06
Traliccio colonna - Vertical column trussH29Q
Basamento - Tower baseAcciaio verniciato nero - Black painted steel
Altezza massima - Max height8,00 m
Portata massima - Max load capacity1000 Kg
Carrello per tralicci - Sleeve block truss compatibilitySerie 29 - 40 - 52 - Series


Motor support bracket on tower base



Chain hoist support shelf on tower sleeve block



Additional stabilizers module

SM06 Standard tower configuration with height 8 m

Elemento - ItemDescrizione - Description
n. 01 SM06-HDBBase per torre in acciaio con ruote e 4 stabilizzatori
Tower steel base w/wheels and 4 stabilizersAluminium tower base with manual winch
n. 01 SM06-TPTop con puleggia per catena
Top with chain pulley
n. 01 SM-SB29QHCarrello in alluminio con ruote per colonna serie 29
Aluminium sleeve block w/wheels
n. 01 SM-TSSet 4 spigot snodati
Hinge spigot set
n. 01 H29Q-300Traliccio serie Heavy Duty altezza 300 cm
Heavy Duty aluminium truss h=300 cm
n. 01 H29Q-350Traliccio serie Heavy Duty altezza 350 cm
Heavy Duty aluminium truss h=350 cm
n. 01 KRQset innesto rapido per traliccio quadro
Fast connection set for square truss

Horizontal trusses not included