Tower Array 300

Tower Array S29-300

The SM AT S29-300 Tower Array is suitable for lifting Audio Line Array systems up to 300 kg with a height of 6.50 m. The system uses standard S29Q aluminium trusses for both the “V” base and the main tower. The levelling of the tower is carried out by means of special adjustable bases that guarantee optimum load-bearing capacity and stability of the system. The column is raised using a hinged spigot system that makes assembly simple and safe.  The Line Array system can be lifted either with a manual winch or an electric chain hoist.

The Alumaster SM AT S29-300 Tower Array is lightweight and perfect for lifting medium-sized Line Array systems. Suitable for events such as live shows, concerts, indoor and outdoor exhibition areas.  Sports competitions and all uses where a safe, fast and easy-to-assemble system is required.

tower array 300

Technical features

Max height6,50 m
Weight140 kg
Wind max power70 km/h
Max Load300 kg
Composed with trussS29Q