Application sectors

Smart Tower Serie 29

Smart Tower 02 is the entry model in the range of Alutek ground supports. It can load up to 500 Kg at a maximum height of 6.50 mt. The lifting system is included in the base by means of a manual winch with steel rope. The essentiality of the project and production makes this tower easy to transport and use: light and compact, it fulfills all the needs professional users might have for small and medium events, up to the support of roofing systems.

The stabilizers are fitted in the base, when disassembled. This feature makes the SM02 more compact and intuitive in the use. All the components, from the wheels to the winch, from the screws and bolts for the adjustment of the stability have been carefully selected and tested to minimize any intervention for maintenance and replacement of specific parts.

The stabilization of the model is obtained by means of robust supports in the horizontal plane, in order to guarantee that installation is done with maximum safety.

Technical features

Max Load500 Kg
Max height6,50 m
Vertical selectionS29Q
Sleeve block suitable forS29T - S29Q - S40Q
Tower weight52 Kg