Application sectors

Smart Tower Serie 29

Smart Tower 05 is the first born and founder of the Smart Tower family. It’s the most versatile tower of the Alutek ground support range. The maximum load is 500 Kg with manual winch and 1.500 Kg with electric hoist. This possible dual-use ensures professional users a wide range of different installations, also for heavy loads, up to a maximum height of 8 mt. The project was developed aiming at the safety and reliability of the product, with a special attention to simplicity of use and operation.

The research of new materials and the use of high quality components, as trapezoidal threaded bars for the tower stability and plastic elements in PEHD for the assembly of stabilizers give the SM05 a solid and practical look, preserving lightness and handling that are main features also of the top level SM10 and the entry level SM02.

The main structure can be composed with both 29 and 40 cm side triangular and square trusses.

Technical features

Portata massima1000 Kg
Altezza massima8,00 m
Traliccio colonnaH29Q
Compatibilità carrelloS29T - S29Q - S40Q - H29T - H29Q - H40Q
Peso torre62 Kg